Exodus 31:12-18
Ezekiel 20:10-13


“… it is a sign between me and you
throughout your generations …”



God told Moses to remind the children of Israel to keep His Sabbath. Those who refused to and defiled the Sabbath would surely receive the death penalty. They must do their regular work for six days and rest on the seventh as commanded in the Ten Commandments. Thereafter God gave Moses His handwritten tables of testimony. Note that God highlighted the Sabbath Law at this juncture after giving the Tabernacle design. The Tabernacle would represent His presence with them. It would contain the ark of the covenant. Notice what God defined keeping the Sabbath as: “it is a sign between me and you” (Exod 31:13), it is “for a perpetual covenant” (Exod 31:16), and again “it is a sign” (Exod 31:17). Covenants have a sign. The marriage covenant has rings as the confirming sign between the husband and the wife. The covenantal sign between God and His people is the Sabbath! It is so that they know that He is the LORD who sanctifies them. Keeping the Sabbath is what sets them apart from others, clearly distinguishing them as Jehovah’s people.

Being saved by the covenant of grace, you are in a covenant with God who sets the terms and conditions. Keeping the Lord’s Day is the universal sign that you are in this covenant with God. That is what differentiates you as a Christian from unbelievers. A Christian who refuses to keep the Sabbath Day holy unto the LORD is like a spouse refusing to wear the wedding ring and who breaks his marriage covenantal vows. We have covered what it means to keep the Sabbath in Exodus 16, 20, and 23. Keeping the Sabbath Day holy is not just going to public worship and then go on to our secular work, playing games, watching television, mindless chatting and so on. But rather to set the entire day apart in worship, serving God, ending it with personal or family worship. Note: keeping the Sabbath Day holy is the sign of the covenant. Would you not be upset if your spouse refused to wear the wedding ring?

THOUGHT: Keeping the Sabbath Day holy (set apart) purely unto the LORD is my covenantal sign with the LORD.
PRAYER: LORD, may I set apart the entire Lord’s Day for Thee.