Exodus 32:21-24
Genesis 3:9-13


“… The woman whom thou gavest
… The serpent beguiled me …”



Moses sought Aaron and asked what the people had done to him that he would allow so great a sin to come upon them. Aaron told Moses not to get so upset as he should be familiar with how the people were like in their tendency to sin. Aaron then explained that the people asked him to make an image of God to lead them on because they did not know what had happened to Moses who had not come down yet. He quoted their calling Moses as “the man” (Exod 32:23, versus how he just called Moses “my lord”). He admitted that he asked for the materials to make the calf, but he hid the fact that he came up with the design and made it himself. Instead he claimed he just threw the gold into the fire and “there came out this calf ” (Exod 32:24).

Moses rightly confronted Aaron. He was tasked to look after God’s people (Exod 24:14). He had seen the fearsome power of God and even saw God (Exod 24:10). What then could the people have done to him that would make him fear them and let them and himself sin so terribly? Aaron indeed had no excuse or reason to sin. What was wrong with Aaron’s replies? Aaron sought to minimize his sin by pushing the blame to the people’s character. He tried to diminish his own culpability by intimating that Moses took a long time to come back so it was his fault that the people got impatient and sinned, and that Moses should have known better. Then he covered sin by saying that the molten calf simply popped out by itself, taking him by surprise too. Let us learn not to be like him.

Stop blaming others and situations when we sin. Aaron blamed the people, Moses, even the fire and the self-created molten calf! Who was he deceiving when God knew the truth even before Moses came down and saw and asked what happened. Do you have a habit of blaming your friends, siblings, spouse, circumstances, the church when you fall into sin? If we do not own up and confess our sin, we will make up excuses and blame others. We will remain unrepentant.

THOUGHT: Who am I fooling when I blame others for my sin?
PRAYER: LORD, help me to take responsibility for my sin.