MARCH 5, 2 Peter 1:4 


What are some of these “exceeding great and precious promises” that concern salvation? They refer to the forgiveness of sins, strength, comfort, and support in trial; a glorious resurrection; and an everlasting life.


How blessed it is to have our sins forgiven, to escape the wrath of God. Previously, we were far from God; we were enemies of God. All sinners are enemies of God in that our sin prevents us from fellowship with God. But once we believe in Christ, we are reconciled and have made peace with God through the blood of the cross. Not only that, we have received the Spirit of adoption – which means we are adopted into the Family of God! And the Holy Spirit now indwells us to guide us to live a holy life. We would still continue to sin, but we would sin less and less as the Holy Spirit in us would convict us to fight against sin.


When you last sinned, when you last did something you know you should not have done, do you not feel it is wrong, and that the Holy Spirit in you is displeased? The Holy Spirit will also slowly mould us after God’s image.


God’s promises will always be true because:

  1. He is all ______________(werpoluf ), doing things that no man can do.

  2. He has already given us the blessed Holy _____________(iritsp).

  3. He has already given us His perfect and holy __________(orwd).

  4. He had already shown His ____________(ovel) for us by dying for us.


Thought: Let us claim the promises that God has for us.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for all your wonderful promises. Help me to appropriate them into my life, and I know I will need all thy promises to keep me in the narrow and right path for thee. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.