MARCH 6, 2 Peter 1:5

6 03 2019

As a faithful pastor of the people, Peter is anxious that the people would grow spiritually. They should not just be satisfied with salvation and then stagnate in their spiritual life. Just simply having faith and dwelling on God’s promises is not good enough. Peter is concerned for the flock’s spiritual welfare and progress. So he exhorts believers to be diligent.


You have to work hard in school. Likewise in our spiritual life, we have to work hard. If you have to sleep a little later to complete your QT, do it. If you find it difficult to control your temper and be forgiving, work hard to follow God’s Word as we know it is not easy to fight against the sin that is still in all of us. If you find the going tough, ask the Lord to help. But always, try your best!


Most of us have watched Olympics Games. Some of the most amazing performances would be witnessed, and world records perhaps shattered. How do you think these athletes managed to accomplish what they did? The answer is found in one word – Diligence. Without exception, all of them have put in a lot of hard work. All of them have sacrificed for their sport. They would have to keep to a strict timetable for training, and resting, and strengthening.




The Christian faith is the same – we have to be diligent. there is no other way but to work hard at reading His Word, keeping our promises to be true and to always have a prayerful attitude. Be diligent for the Lord and you may become spiritually stronger....


Thought: Work hard for the Lord!


Prayer: Heavenly Father, as much as my physical body grows stronger with exercise, may my spiritual body also grow spiritual muscles as I try to work hard at being a good Christian! This I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.