MARCH 8, 2 Peter 1:5 


To continue to be able to do the right things, you need to know right from wrong. That is why Peter tells the readers that we must add knowledge to our virtue.


How do you grow in the knowledge of God and His Word? First, you must be interested in God’s Word, it is food for your soul. Pay close attention when God’s Word is being taught. Some children do not pay attention nor listen carefully during Sunday school lessons. They lose their attention, and worse, act in such a way as to cause others to lose their attention too! Have you seen such a child? Have you been such a child?


These children do not realize they are wasting a great opportunity because they are letting the precious Word of God pass them by. At the end of the lesson, they would have learnt nothing much. Are you one of them? Pray that God will make you desire and value His Word more.


However, if you not only pay attention in Sunday School but also do your Quiet Time regularly with Junior RPG or other devotionals, you will make good progress and add to your faith. May God richly bless you!


These three statements are all true. But are they seen in your life?

  1. Children increase in their Bible knowledge when they attend Junior Worship.

  2. Children increase in their Bible knowledge when their parents teach them God’s Word.

  3. Reading the Bible ourselves is the best way to increase in Bible knowledge.


Thought: To know God’s Word is crucial to my spiritual walk.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, although I am young, grant me the wisdom to love and treasure thy Word, that I may hide it in my heart so I will not sin against thee. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.