MARCH 9, 2 Peter 1:6 


Probably the people who know the Bible best in church are the Pastors or Elders. As spiritual leaders, they are to guide us with the Word of God. But imagine if these men with the right knowledge are rude in their behaviour, proud in their attitude, harsh in their conversation. Would that be what you think God wants?


Temperance and self-control must be added to the knowledge of God’s Word. Otherwise, what the person knows is but head knowledge, useful for bible quizzes but useless in making us more like God. This is especially important if a Christian gets angry easily, or is hot-tempered. He or she must exercise self-control. If not, there will be trouble.


Imagine a father with an anger problem. He will easily raise his voice and shout at his wife and children. One day before going to church, he was so angry with his daughter that he threw a chair at her. Then he slammed the door without apologizing. In church that day, this father gave a bible study lesson on how to be a good example in controlling one’s temper. Would this father have been a good example of temperance?


Do you have a problem controlling your temper? Know that anger for the wrong reasons is sin, and you must ask God to help you overcome it.

Thought: May I learn to exercise self control.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, teach me that nothing is too hard for me to do, for Your grace is sufficient. There are times when I get angry but Lord, please teach me to commit this area of my life to You too so that I can learn to be temperate. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.