MARCH 10, 2 Peter 1:6 



To self-control must be added patience. Not only must we be self- controlled, we should be patient. Why? Because the testing may be long. Patience could be defined as “ the enduring of difficult things, delay or trouble, without getting angry or upset.”


Think of Jesus as the best example of patience. How many years was He on earth before he started his ministry? About 30 years. And how long was His ministry? About 3 years. Why then did he not start earlier? Why did He wait till he was 30 to start? Because he knew it was God’s timing that he had to follow, and if God the Father says “30 years”, God the Son will patiently wait for 30 years.


In fast-paced Singapore, we hurry too much. We seem to rush from home to school, back home, get schoolwork done, and then fulfill other responsibilities. We have fast food, and instant noodles. We are told by teachers and parents that the race belongs to the swift. In university, some students put in even more effort to graduate earlier than others of the same age as they want to finish their education as soon as possible.


However, the bible teaches we must have patience. Patience to press on in prayer, and to wait on the Lord. Patience is good for us as it tests our temperance and strengthens our faith. The great evangelist William Carey had a heart for India. He loved the Indian people although they were initially not receptive to the Word of God. Guess how long he laboured before there was the first Indian convert to Christianity? 7 years! Carey was patient. Would you not want to be?

Thought: May I learn patience from Jesus.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, teach me patience as that is not my usual self. Help me Heavenly Father for I know it is a very hard thing to do. Only You can help me so I ask for Your wisdom and patience, in Jesus’ name, amen.