MARCH 11, 2 Peter 1:6 


To patience must be added godliness. Godliness is having the ways of God in the soul of a child. Is it difficult to achieve? Of course! Is it impossible – no!  But it can only be achieved if you press on and have patience in your life.


There is no greater commendation for a Christian than to be called “godly”. One may be a dedicated Sunday School teacher for the Lord, or a talented youth leader, or an inspiring preacher. But to call someone “godly” is to say he is a reflection of the Most High God!


Glance through the past few days of RPG reading and you will notice godliness does not arrive early, but will need to be carefully nurtured by careful knowledge and application of the bible.


Godliness can be seen in the choices we make. What choices would you prefer? 


11 03 2019

Thought: Godliness is putting God and the things of God first.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, teach me to live a godly life. I may be young, but am not too young to grow close to You. This I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.