MARCH 14, 2 Peter 1:12 


Do you sometimes feel that the pastors, parents and teachers repeat what they say too often? In this verse, Peter reminds readers to keep in remembrance the things they were taught. Why? Because he knows they are forgetful. How about you – are you not forgetful also?


Do you really live and walk with Jesus every day? Think about it this way. You have a pen pal who could come to Singapore for a few weeks. You take this opportunity to invite him to stay with you and both are so glad when parents allow. Although he has been around for a few weeks, something strange is happening – you are not speaking with him! Especially when you claim he is a friend, it is awkward. We often do that to Christ. We invite Him into our hearts, claim we will obey and love Him. And yet, many of us forget to talk to God, to read His Word.


Dear child, perhaps that is why your parents and Junior Worship teachers have to keep reminding you to be a good Christian child.

Name some frequently-repeated Bible stories.

1. ____________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________


Have you been guilty of being impatient with such repetition? Pray for forgiveness, that the Lord will teach you new things every time they are repeated.


Thought: Forgetful people, like me, need reminders.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, teach me to humbly learn the precious truths of Your Word. Also, please remind me there is so much to learn from thy word, so teach me to be humble each time I open the bible, that thy truth will open my eyes. In Jesus’ name I pray – amen.