Exodus 32:25-29
Matthew 10:37-39


“He that is not with me
is against me …”



Moses saw that the people were naked. He stood at the gate of the camp and asked, “Who is on the LORD’s side?” (Exod 32:26). The sons of Levi responded and moved to stand with Moses. Moses then gave instructions from the LORD for them to go through the camp with their sword and slay all the guilty ones, even if they were their companions, neighbours, sons, or brothers. 3,000 died.

Was this too extreme? This was spiritual warfare. The enemies within the camp are far more dangerous than external enemies because of the influence they had. They could do great damage. If these internal enemies were allowed to live, God’s plan for salvation would be thwarted. Idolatry is very serious as we can see from its fruits. Even as Moses stood at the gate, God’s people were still nude before one another, having been dancing and fornicating. Can one imagine that the people (with Mount Sinai and the cloud in full sight, the barriers still in place to remind them of God’s holiness) could be in this wicked and unimaginable state? What is the proof that you are on the LORD’s side? It is when your obedience to God exceeds your love for relations, even the closest relatives and friends. It is easy to practise biblical separation from our enemies and be on the LORD’s side. The test is when our closest relations sin and refuse to repent. We do not kill people today, but we are called to expose, rebuke, and correct the unrepentant. If we do not, more will be drawn to follow their false teachings and sin. It was not just about joining Moses. It was needing to slay even close relatives. Many are willing to join sound churches. But not all are willing to take a stand for the truth in taking action against falsehood and sin, thus condoning sinful teachings and practices that lead others to fall. The false Gospel propounded from within Christianity will lead many to hell. The sinful lifestyle in churches will lead more to follow suit. Will you take action?

THOUGHT: Being on the LORD’s side may mean taking difficult action.
PRAYER: LORD, help me to love Thee above all else.