Exodus 32:30-33
Acts 20:26-35


“… I take you to record this day,
that I am pure from the blood of all men.”



The day after the slaying of the 3,000, Moses told the people in no uncertain terms that they had sinned a great sin. They had blatantly broken the Second Commandment. He told them that he would go to the Lord to make atonement for their sin. Moses admitted to God the people’s sin. He asked God to forgive them, and if He would not, then to blot him out of His book. The LORD’s response was that He would only blot out those who had sinned against Him.

From this event, we see Moses’ pastoral heart for God’s people. He dealt with sin thoroughly and objectively. He had great anger towards sin. He was greatly concerned for God’s plan of salvation. (Moses knew by faith regarding God’s plan of salvation through, for example, the Passover in Exodus 12.) When sin occurred in the camp, he could have justly blamed the people and left them to suffer the consequences on their own, considering also that these people had not been particularly nice to him. But instead, he chose to quickly go to God to plead for mercy for them. Moreover, he was willing to exchange his own life for theirs. But his pastoral love was not merely so that these people lived, else he would not have killed the 3,000. Moses was willing to die for them for the sake of God’s salvation plan. He wanted the remainder of God’s people to fulfil God’s salvation plan for which He chose them. Moses wanted the spiritual best for God’s flock he was tasked to lead. What kind of pastor do you want? One who will point out your sin so that you will be useful to God and please Him? Or one who pleases you despite your sin? Do you want a pastor who loves souls enough to expose false doctrines? Or one who is friendly to all teaching a false Gospel that leads to hell, and teaching Christians to live in ways that shame God’s Name? Or one who is willing even to be disliked so that God’s church will be pure and have God’s presence by dealing seriously with sin or one who is popular and nice with everyone since he does not deal with any sin because it may hurt someone?

THOUGHT: What kind of heart must a pastor have?
PRAYER: LORD, help me to appreciate what true pastors should be.