Exodus 33:1-3
Revelation 4:11


“… for thy pleasure they are
and were created.”



The LORD told Moses that he and the people he had led out of Egypt would go to the land which He had promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He reiterated that He had promised to give the land to the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He would send an angel before them to drive out their enemies. But He Himself would not go with them, because they were a stiffnecked people and, being such a people, He might have to consume them along the way there.

What a sad commentary. The LORD basically pointed out to the people how unworthy they were to be given the Promised Land considering how stiffnecked they were. Yes, He would make sure that their enemies would not be able to stop them from entering by providing an angel to escort and fight for them. But He would not be personally with them anymore. Is it not very miserable to hear someone say to you that he is doing something for you not because of anything but because of obligation to the promise he made to someone else? And to hear him say what a disappointment you are and how you really do not deserve what he will do for you? After salvation, the believer must strive to not disappoint God. This is not about striving to maintain our salvation or to be worthy of heaven. We can never be worthy of God and heaven in this sense. But as God’s children we must seek to please Him and bring joy to His heart, and not constantly upset Him with our stubbornness. Would it not be far more wonderful for the LORD to be able to say that He is looking forward to leading them and being with them in their journey to the Promised Land, and what a joy it is to Him to have them inherit the land He has prepared for them? Let us not be a disappointment to our LORD.

THOUGHT: Have I been a disappointment to my LORD?
PRAYER: LORD, help me to be the child I should be to please Thee.