Exodus 35:1-36:7
2 Corinthians 9:6-8


“… God loveth
a cheerful giver.”



The LORD gave instructions that whosoever had a willing heart, let him bring offerings for the building of the Tabernacle. After the people heard what was needed for the construction work, they left Moses’ presence. Those whose hearts were stirred returned and willingly offered to the LORD that which was needed for the work of the Tabernacle. Men and women willingly came back with jewelries, precious metals, spices, and other materials. As days went on, they would continue to turn up every morning with more freewill offerings. Eventually the workers told Moses the people had brought more than enough for the work. So Moses gave the command to be proclaimed throughout the camp to stop bringing more. Thus the people were restrained from giving. Where did they get these materials? They received them from the Egyptians whom God moved to give to them in abundance before they left Egypt (Exod 12:36). God gave them these possessions way ahead of time, knowing that these materials would be required for the building of the Tabernacle.

Do you ever wonder why God gives you possessions, pay increments, and business successes? He is providing for His work through you. You are stewards. The time will come, or it could be now, when His project or work requires resources. But, why are we not willing to give? Well, it is likely because we see our possessions as ours, needed for our own use. We fail to understand that we are just stewards, safekeeping them till God requires it. We are often earnest to return something to its owner when it is sitting in our house, taking up space. Why do we not feel that way with money and precious things? Because we want them for ourselves. This is why we must not offer interest-free loans to church. It is lending to God what is His in the first place. Those who hesitate to freely give, lose their chance eventually. Giving is really returning. God gave to us so we can have the privilege and ability to give back. We will be willing when we have the right view of our God-given possessions.

THOUGHT: Do I really believe that all I have is from God?
PRAYER: LORD, I willingly return to you when Thou callest for it.