Exodus 39:32-43
Exodus 25:1, 9, 40


“Trust and obey
for there’s no other way …”



The workers constructed every item exactly as Moses commanded them. Then they brought each finished item to Moses for his inspection. Every item that God had given instruction for was examined by Moses, down to the smallest details of the very sockets and pins. And Moses did not casually gloss over them or miss checking any item. He looked upon all the work. It was recorded that they had done as the Lord commanded, even so had they done it. Then only did Moses bless them.

They were given great skills and abilities, and every item was constructed as the LORD instructed. No one dared to apply personal ingenuity and creativity with the talents they knew they had. It was emphasized that everything was done to the exact specifications that the LORD had given to Moses who in turn instructed the workers. If any single item was not as the LORD specified, they had failed. The Tabernacle symbolized the LORD’s presence with them. They must learn that He dictated the conditions for His presence. All of God’s work must be done God’s way. There is no place for human interpretation on what God likes or to seek to improve on God’s ways. If we want God to be present in our church, our lives, and our family, we must learn from this lesson. We have no right to change God’s directions and expect God to be pleased. He has stipulated what the church should be, the qualifications for leadership, the roles of husband and wife in the marriage model, and clear principles about personal choices. When we change them because we think we know better and can improve on God’s ways, we will face problems because God will not bless. Never think God’s commands are not practical or realistic. The artificers could have belittled God’s design, but they just focused on following God’s command. Their aim was to produce exactly what God had designed. It always pays to trust and obey, to be the exact church and family according to God’s Word.

THOUGHT: Always do things God’s way according to His Word.
PRAYER: LORD, teach me to be strictly obedient to Thy command.