Psalm 11:1-7
Exodus 20:2


“I am the LORD thy God, which have
brought thee … out of the house of bondage.



The children of Israel were in Egypt not by chance. God used Egypt as a womb to grow His people to form a nation. He led them out at His appointed time. He allowed the slavery to be bitter else the people would not be interested to leave. But He protected His people through exceptional means, exhibiting His glory in the miracles. They left with much possession which was for the construction of the Tabernacle. The freeing of His people was not merely deliverance from slavery but to form Israel from which the promised Saviour would come. God has a plan for all that happens in your life. And trials serve a purpose. He will protect. His provision is also for His purpose and use eventually. We are saved to fulfil His purpose. All that we have comes from Him and we are stewards, giving is but returning to Him. His people murmured and complained. They even longed to go back to Egypt and their old life, eating the familiar food. When you forget that God saved you for His purpose, you will murmur and complain when things do not suit you. You will still not leave the world behind. You begin to expect God to be your servant, doing whatever you expect. The golden calf incident saw more deaths than Pharaoh and all their enemies tried to inflict. When you sin against God, you inflict calamity upon yourself and lose out on God’s protection. The church must learn to exercise discipline and members must understand its purpose, even if it involves loved ones, for the greatest danger is sin from within. Sin and disobedience are infectious. The Ten Commandments are the moral laws which we love and keep till today. They are part of our covenantal duties to please God and be a holy people to Him. Finally, God’s glorious presence was with the people because they all obeyed Him strictly in building the Tabernacle. His presence to lead us must be all that matters in church, family, and individual lives. The criterion is simple: absolute obedience. The exodus was just the beginning of Israel’s spiritual journey. So also for us, our salvation is only the beginning of a life of great purpose and usefulness to God.

THOUGHT: The Exodus was just the start of a spiritual journey.
PRAYER: “Take my life and let it be, consecrated LORD to Thee."