JUNE 15,  Psalm 100:2


“I don’t get it,” Ai Ping sighed as she stroked her pet rabbit. “Bunnie loves to be petted, but when I want to pick him up, he tries to run away. Is he afraid of being high up?”

“He might be,” said Mom. “Some animals need to be able to escape, because there’s always danger of a predator coming to get them. Bunnie probably doesn’t feel safe if he can’t run away.” “That’s silly,” protested Ai Ping. “If a predator comes near, he’ll be safer if I’m holding him than he would be on the ground.”

“Yes, but it’s just his natural instinct,” said Mom. “Now leave Bunnie alone and go get ready. We need to be at the hospital in an hour.” Ai Ping sighed. “Do we have to go? I don’t feel like playing with sick kids.” “Then why did you sign up?” Mom asked.

“In Sunday school, Mrs. Lim said that a good way to do something for God is to do something for others. So when she said volunteers were needed for the children’s hospital, I thought it would be a good idea,” explained Ai Ping. “But hardly anybody else signed up, and I won’t know anyone there.”

“You’ll be too busy to notice,” said Mom. “But what do I say to the kids?” Ai Ping asked.

“Trust God to show you,” suggested Mom. “But what if they ask me questions I can’t answer? Can’t I just stay home?” pleaded Ai Ping.

Mom smiled. “You sound a little bit like your rabbit at this moment.” Ai Ping was confused. “You said Bunnie would be safer in your arms than anywhere else” asked Mom. “He loves you, but he doesn’t seem to really trust you to keep him safe. Right?” Ai Ping nodded. “Well, aren’t you acting the same way toward God?” Mom asked. “You volunteered because you want to do something for Him, but you seem to be afraid to trust Him to help you with this assignment.”

Ai Ping looked at Bunnie who was eating in the safety of his cage. Then she gave her mother a little smile. “Well, I don’t want to be a “scaredy cat”… or I guess I should say a “scaredy rabbit”,” she decided. “Okay. I’ll get ready to go to the hospital.”


Thought: Do you want to serve God? That’s good, but how do you act when He shows you something you can do for Him?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to really mean it when I say I want to serve You. It can be in something real small, but please help me to start somewhere. And when I do serve – that I’ll serve with gladness! In Jesus’ name – amen.