JAN 12

Romans 3:19
Memorise James 2:10
“…that every mouth may be stopped…”

Romans 3:19 says “Now we know that what things soever the law saith, it saith to them who are under the law: that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God”. Sin is breaking God’s Holy Law. When comparing ourselves with the Law, none of us can ever claim before our all-knowing God that we have never broken any of the laws at all. As long as we have broken one law, even if we have kept other laws, we are guilty of all (James 2:10). The more we know God’s Word, the more we would realize our guilt before God, and the less we would rationalize and try to justify our own sins.

The verse above starts with the phrase “Now we know”. Paul knew and admitted his own guilt before God. The question is, do you know? Do you know this truth, that the Law shows your guilt before God? If you only know this when you are finally before God’s Great White Throne Judgment, it will be too late. Dear teen, may you realize that, young though you may be, death strikes at all ages. Repent today.

Just as someone who is judged as guilty in a human court will be sentenced to an appropriate punishment, likewise someone who is proven guilty before the just God will receive the appropriate punishment for his sin. You might think that your sins go unnoticed, or that others have sinned more than you have. Do realize that man is so depraved in sin, that many will rebel against even the very notion that we are sinners. However, at the day of reckoning, before our just God, “every mouth may be stopped”. In God’s court, there will be no doubt of our guilt.

Those who die in their sin and are unrepentant will find themselves in hell when they die. The account in Luke 16:19-31 tells us that the rich man ended up in hell because of his unbelief. There he felt the torment of a fire that died not. He cried for mercy. He begged Abraham who is in heaven to send Lazarus to tell his brothers to believe. Abraham replied that if they simply believe in what Moses and the prophets recorded in the Scriptures, it is enough to convict them of their sin and lead them to repent and believe. If you are still lost in sin today, may God’s Word speak to your heart and convict you of your sin, otherwise you will have to suffer the same consequence one day.

Thought: Have I ever confessed to God that I am guilty of sin?
Prayer: O God, help me remember that it is my sin that sent Your Son to the cross.