Psalm 119:129-136
Matthew 22:29
“…blessed are they that hear
the word of God, and keep it.”
Thy testimonies” (Ps 119:129): Robert, King of Sicily, said, “The Scriptures are dearer to me than my kingdom; and if I must be deprived of one of them, I had rather lose my diadem than the Scriptures.” David declared that he obeyed with his “soul.” Not only with head and hand did he keep the testimonies, but with his soul, his truest and most real self, held fast to them, and they became part and parcel of his life.
Thy Words” (Ps 119:130): “Entrance” means an opening, unfolding, unveiling. Both “light” and “understanding” come through such an unveiling. We see the sun by its own light. The same is true of Scripture: we see light in its light. Then it gives understanding also… .
The Divine Word, entering the chambers of the heart, is for the “simple”: those who are characterised by simplicity, who have a character opposed to all craftiness, underhandedness, and scheming.
Thy Commandments” (Ps 119:131): The open mouth implies an attitude of expectancy. “The mouth of the inward man, which in effect is the heart” (Ambrose). David thirsted for the water of the Word. Do we share … the same burning desire to obey all we read?
Psalm 119:132-134 is a triple intercession that comes from an intense soul. In the two concluding verses (Ps 119:135-136), we see two faces: God’s benign, glorious face and the tear-stained face of His servant caused by the wicked’s rejection of God’s law.
Reader, treasure His Word and live out His Word. May grace be ours to keep our hearts free from sin, but our eyes ever wet with tears of compassion over those whose hearts are not right with God!
(Herbert Lockyer)
THOUGHT: (Read Psalm 119:130.)
PRAYER: (Use Psalm 119:133.)