FEBRUARY 16, Hebrews 4:12

Luke climbed into the dentist’s chair and laid his head back to have his teeth checked by Dr. Yee. “I don’t see any cavities today,” Dr. Yee announced after a few minutes, “but we’ll get a better look with an x-ray picture.”

As Luke waited for the x-ray to be developed, he looked around the dentist’s office. On the wall, there was a poster with pictures and instructions on how to brush teeth, and on a shelf, Luke saw a model of a tooth. “You must like teeth,” he said when Dr. Yee came back into the room.

The doctor laughed. “Teeth are important, and we need to keep them healthy,” he said. “Tell me, Luke-how often do you brush your teeth?”

“Every day,” said Luke. “Sometimes more than once! Mom makes me.”

Just then Dr. Yee’s assistant handed him the x-ray pictures of Luke’s teeth. “Oops!” said Dr. Yee, as he studied the x-rays. “You do have some decay in one of your molars.”

Luke groaned. “I almost wish x-ray machines didn’t exist,” he said. “Then you wouldn’t know about the decay and drill on my tooth.” “Whoa!” protested the doctor. “You should be glad we found the decay and can clean it out before it gets worse. Relax!” “Relax?” asked Luke as he watched Dr. Yee prepare a drill.

Dr. Yee smiled. “Sure,” he said. “There’s only a small amount of decay, and it won’t take long to fix it.” After he finished the drilling, the dentist spoke thoughtfully. “You know, Luke, an x-ray machine is something like the Bible.”

Luke grinned. “Having my Sunday school teacher for my dentist means I get a lesson here as well as on Sunday,” he said.

“Yes,” said Dr. Yee with a chuckle, “and it’s a good lesson. You see, the x-ray showed decay that I couldn’t see with my eyes. And sometimes God’s Word shows us sin-decay in our lives-that no one else can see. When that happens, we need to quickly drill it out.”

Thought: Do you use God’s x-ray machine - the Bible - to look at your heart and life?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I know that sin may be hidden from others, but it’s never hidden from You. So help me to confess my sins and to be right with You. In the precious name of Jesus I ask – amen.