FEB 19

Revelation 21:27
Memorise Philippians 4:8
“…whatsoever things that are pure.”

 In the 1980s, a famous pop song had lyrics that read ‘They say in heaven, love comes first. We’ll make heaven a place on earth’. This is an extremely shallow and erroneous view of what heaven is all about. Yes there is love in heaven, but it is also a place of perfect holiness, pure joy and godly beauty. The carnal sinful world’s notion of what love and joy will not be found there at all. Instead, the world’s sins will only have a place in hell. Man thinks that in making this world a more comfortable and exciting place to be in, they have created heaven on earth. They cannot be further from the truth.

In Heaven, with the presence of God, with the holy city of New Jerusalem lit by the glory of God - it will be perfect. Nothing or no one that is sinful can enter Heaven. Only born again Christians whose sins have been cleansed by the blood of Christ will be able to enter. Sin is the antithesis – diametrically opposed to everything God, who is holy, is. Sin is an abomination to the Lord – He hates sin with an absolute and perfect hatred. Imagine if it were indeed possible for sin to enter Heaven. What would be its effect? Even a tiny, minute speck of sin would taint and corrupt Heaven. 99.99% pure is not pure at all. Heaven would no longer be Heaven!

Conversely, in this world, do you see more of God’s holiness or man’s wickedness? Even in the universal church, the beloved bride of Christ, is there sin? What about your local church? Yes maybe through prayer, worship and fellowship with saints we do have a glimpse and foretaste of Heaven, but can we say Heaven is well and truly here?

Heaven is not here on earth and can never be because of sin. Sin contaminates everything. A newborn child, seemingly innocent and pure is also born in sin. Examine just the past day of your life. How pure were your thoughts and actions? Would you have been able to enter Heaven based on them? As long as we are on this earth, the Christian will never find perfect peace and enjoyment, for he will yearn for the perfect holiness that can only be achieved in heaven. Dear teen, is this your desire as well?

Thought: Is your perspective of this world different from friends and family who are unbelievers?
Prayer: Heavenly Father, may I be the salt and the light for Thee in this sinful world.