FEB 21

Titus 2:13
Memorise Titus 2:13
“hope …confident expectation.”

“They have done all that they can and all they can do now was hope for the best.” This is how the world views hope. It sees hope as a rather desperate uncertainty. Christians, on the other hand, define hope as “confident expectation”. It is not merely wishing that something good will happen but knowing that it will definitely happen and thus look forward earnestly to it.

In Titus 2:13, we see that our hope is centred on a person – the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Second Coming. Just as how the people of the past waited in anticipation for Christ’s first coming, we now wait with bated breath for “the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ”. It is not a remote event that may or may not happen but it is a definite day in the future, confirmed by the testimony of God’s Word and His Spirit to our hearts. It is also called our “blessed hope” showing how precious and uplifting it is to us.

Without the Christian’s hope, it is extremely difficult to find meaning in our lives. This is especially so in this day and age where sin is so rife and desire for God so scarce that our souls are vexed from day to day, like Lot’s was when he lived in Sodom. Hope in Christ’s Second Coming helps us to see past the present state and know that the things that are happening today are signs that the day of the Lord “is near, even at the doors” (Matthew 24:33). This knowledge that Christ is coming again soon spurs the Christian on in his/her walk.

Dear teen, does the thought of Christ’s second coming fill you with hope? The key verb of this verse is “looking”. Are you looking and living with the excitement of the future God has promised us or just building your life on this earth as if you do not have an eternal home that awaits you? God wants us to be in an attitude of expectancy. This attitude will influence our actions and the way we are living, working out our daily practical choices. We would certainly not lay our treasures on earth but in heaven. We would mortify our sins daily. We would zealously pursue righteousness and godliness and holiness.

Thought: How important is hope in Christ’s return to you?
Prayer: Lord, let me not be discouraged by this current world and my present circumstances, but enable me to have hope in Thy promise that Christ is coming again soon. Let this hope uplift my heart and spur me on in my walk and service for Thee