JAN 14

Romans 8:7-8
Memorise Romans 8:8
"...they that are in the flesh cannot please God."

In my travels to East Asia, I increasingly find meeting rooms equipped with hand wash foam dispensers, as people understand the need for personal hygiene - that we must maintain cleanliness in order to prevent the spread of diseases. Sadly, these people do not desire to be free from the disease of sin. Romans 8:7-8 tells us “Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.” The unregenerate are described as one having a carnal mind that does not abide by the law of God. In fact it is not possible for such a mind to please God, because it is completely under the bondage of sin. In contrast, God is perfect and sinless. Everything about God is holy, whether it is His thoughts, His words or His works. God cannot stand sin for it is an abomination to Him, entirely in opposition to His perfection.

And so we ask, do we have carnal minds that are lost in sin? We must not compare with other men, for you might think you are law abiding and good in society’s eyes and are ‘saints’ compared to the criminals of the land! This kind of comparison is very arbitrary and results in every one doing what is right in their own eyes. The focus must instead be on God: can you come before the thrice Holy God, and live?

The opposite of a carnal mind is a spiritual mind. Such a mind (obtained only when a person is born again) seeks the things which please God. The spiritual mind is energized and directed by the Holy Spirit of God. It is He who enables a child of God to produce the fruit of the Spirit in his life.

Dear teen, check to see if you are really saved. Some have been known to profess that they are saved but when tried they were found to worship a God of their own imagination and not the living and true God. One proof of whether you truly are saved is whether you hate sin the same way God hates sin. It is not to say that true believers will never sin; rather, true believers will never be casual with sin, but will always struggle with their sin, knowing fully well that God hates sin and every time we rebel against Him, we grieve His heart.

Thought: Do I struggle with sin or do I wilfully sin?
Prayer: O God, may I not displease Thee by sinning!