February 23, Acts 5:29

“Can we get some fries, Mom?” asked Mei Ling as she and her mother passed the food court. Mom agreed, so Mei Ling went to get the fries, and they sat down to eat, Mei Ling touched her cross pendant. “Mom,” she said, “at school today, Carli asked me why I was wearing a cross.”

“And what did you say?” asked Mom.

“I told her I thought it was pretty and I liked it,” replied Mei Ling. She frowned slightly and added, “I said something about it reminding me of Jesus and what He did on the cross, but I’m not sure I should have said anything about that. She said I was just strict and narrow-minded like all Christians.”

Suddenly, a cross-sounding voice startled Mei Ling. She looked up and saw an angry lady scolding the young man behind the hamburger counter. “What do you mean, my coupons have expired?” the lady demanded with a scowl. “Just close your eyes and bend the rules a bit!”

The young man answered calmly. “I’m sorry, Ma’am, but I can’t do that. We were given stern warnings about accepting expired coupons.” The lady continued to complain loudly, but the clerk remained firm. “I’m sorry, but I can’t help you,” he said. “These coupons are not valid.”

When the lady finally left, Mom turned to Mei Ling. “That young man must seem pretty strict and narrow-minded to that lady,” she said. “Do you think he should have bent the rules for her and given her the discount of the coupons?”

“Of course not,” said Mei Ling. Mom nodded. “That’s right,” she said. “He shouldn’t feel bad about having done the right thing.” Mom smiled at Mei Ling. “When you tell your friend about Jesus and she gives you a hard time, it’s natural to feel bad because she doesn’t understand. However, you shouldn’t feel bad that you told her. Even though people don’t like to accept it, they need to know that faith in Jesus is the only way to heaven.”

Thought: Have you felt bad for speaking the truth about Jesus and salvation? Have you been called narrow-minded, or some other unpleasant name?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I know that many people will not accept Your truth. Help me to realise that believing that Jesus is the way is not a personal opinion, but simply what the Bible says. And help me to obey You rather than man. In Jesus’name I pray – amen.