February 23, Isaiah 41:10

“If I don’t make any noise when I walk by that house, maybe the dog won’t see me,” Kevin thought. But the barking, growling dog across the street jumped against the fence, making a loud bang. Kevin took off. He was out of breath when he got home and slammed the door behind him. “I always walk on the other side of the road, but that big dog still sees me,” Kevin told his mother. “I’m afraid it will go right through the fence someday.”

“Since you have to pass that house every day to and from school, maybe you should make friends with the dog,” suggested Mom.

“Yeah, right,” replied Kevin. “I’ll just say, ‘Hi dog. My name is Kevin. What’s your name? Pleased to meet you. Do you think we could be friends?’” He frowned. “That dog would throw me around like a Frisbee before I can say two words.” That night, Kevin learned a memory verse -”Fear not, for I am with you.” He repeated the words several times.

The next day, Kevin decided to walk on the dog’s side of the road. The dog came barking and running toward him. Trembling, he prayed, “You said You’d be with me to help me God.” He stopped. “All right, dog!” he said loudly, “you can bark all you want, but I’m not scared of you! You got that?” The dog backed away. He and Kevin stared at each other. Then the dog whimpered and began to slowly wag its tail. Magic?

Kevin then heard a voice. “You’re making friends with my Sweetie! I’ve been praying he’d find a friend.” Kevin turned around and saw an elderly lady leaning on a cane. “You named this big dog Sweetie?” he asked in surprise.

The lady nodded. “My husband used to play with Sweetie and take Sweetie for walks but he died recently,” she said sadly. “You can see I’m not able to do those things.” “So… you want me to play with your dog?” Kevin asked slowly.

“That would be so nice,” replied the lady.

Thought: Are you afraid of something? Perhaps you’re frightened when you’re in the dark, scared to go to the doctor for a shot, or afraid of a bully at school. Whenever you feel afraid, remember that God is always with you.

Prayer: Thank You, Heavenly Father, that You promise me courage to face my fears. I want to commit to You the areas in my life that I need strength in. Please help, in Jesus’ name, amen.