FEB 12

Romans 8:15
Memorise Galatians 4:7
"...whereby we cry Abba Father."

In our natural sinful state of unbelief, we were all enemies of Christ. We had no relationship with Christ, except one of enmity and rebellion. We were under the spirit of bondage to sin, whereby we had no choice but to sin. This spirit of bondage produces only fear. It could not reconcile us to Christ. But once we receive Christ, we receive the spirit of adoption into the family of God and begin a filial relationship with Him. God treats us as His children and receives us with affection and love. We are now under His protection and care. This close relationship will result in His children calling upon Him freely and daily.

In an act of adoption, a parent takes a stranger into the family, as one’s very own child, and treats and considers him as one’s flesh and blood. It is the prerogative of the parent, not the child. So it is with the Holy Spirit who has adopted us through the gospel. We were strangers, spiritual orphans, but were welcomed into God’s family. Consequently, we are accorded the privileges and rights of a child. One of these is to call God Abba Father. “Abba” is the Aramaic word for Father. We as His adopted children can now cry unto Him, “Father, father”. And He will answer us. Furthermore, we who were strangers are now heirs of God’s kingdom and joint-heirs with Christ! We have complete assurance of our place as His children and need no longer fear as we did under the law.

Now that you are adopted, are you living as a child of God, as an heir of His Kingdom, or as a spiritual orphan, a child of the world? An orphan has no rules and regulations to abide by and restrict. He is his own master. An orphan has no one to care, teach and provide for him. There is no one who loves him. We have a heavenly Father whom we can turn to, who will never disappoint, punish unjustly nor leave us. You have been given the privilege of prayer, of reading His Word and of fellowship with fellow saints. Are you making the most of these privileges which are given to only believers? What does the double emphasis of Father, father imply? Do you have such a close relationship with the Lord that you can call upon Him such as Christ did in the Garden of Gethsemane?

Thought: With privileges come responsibilities. Consider what your responsibilities as a child of God are to Him and to your fellow mankind.
May I strive to live a life as an heir of my Heavenly Father’s kingdom, fully utilizing the privileges and blessings bestowed, and fulfilling my responsibilities.