MAR 18
2 Peter 1:20-21
Memorise 2 Timothy 2:15
“…seekest her as silver …searchest for her as for hid treasures.”

Many inter-denominational fellowships believe that a single Bible passage can have different meanings and applications to different people. They believe that the Holy Spirit can move in a person and reveal different truths that are applicable to that person and reveal other truths useful for another person’s needs all from the same passage of Scripture. This belief is unbiblical and wrong.

God’s Word can have different applications but can have only one meaning. It is possible for a Christian to understand a passage more and more over time and hence, see deeper truths in that same passage, but the meaning does not change. 2 Peter 1:20-21 tell us this. The interpretation of Scripture is not different for different individuals, but is the same because it comes from the same single source; the Holy Ghost.

A natural question one may then ask next is, “How do I ensure that my interpretation is the correct one?” Well here are a few basic steps that we can apply to help us to be sure in our Bible interpretations:

1. To understand God’s Word correctly we need God’s help and hence an important first step is to be right with the Lord. Confess your sin and ask for cleansing by the precious blood of the Lamb. (Sin is a barrier and a hindrance to us being blessed by God.)
2. Have the highest view of God’s Word, recognizing with humility that our ideas and those of others must submit to its authority.
3. Pray and ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and a love for God’s Word.
4. Be ready to put in time and effort.
5. Always check your understanding by seeing what other parts of scripture says. In other words, Scripture will interpret Scripture for you and you need to see the whole context.
6. Collect a library of bible study helps. Ask your pastor/SundaySchool teacher for advice on what to obtain. Nowadays with modern technology, the internet will provide you with commentaries, maps,concordance and much of the information you need. But beware of unsound and unbiblical material, so please use with discernment.
7. Attend as many sound Bible studies and classes as you can.

Thought: How can I know if my interpretation is wrong?
Prayer: Lord, teach me to love Your Word.