MAR 19

Luke 12:16-20
Memorise 2 Corinthians 6:2b
“…behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.”

Christ shared a parable about a rich man who was busy planning and organizing how he could amass his wealth in the most effective manner so that he could be set for life. He had great plans and his hopes were high. Things were going his way and he could see his profits rolling in. Everything was very bright indeed and he was looking forward to a comfortable life ahead. But unknown to him, God was going to take him from this world that very night. His life shall be required of him. All that he planned and was looking forward to would have been in vain. The thought of death would have been far from his mind, but a tragic surprise awaited him. Death is a certainty. Except for those who have been or will be raptured by God into heaven, all will meet with death. However, what human beings do not know with certainty is when they will die. No one knows the time that he will have to face God to give an account for his life. Even so, we will not know in advance how we will die - whether it be a long drawn fatal disease or a sudden unexpected accident that takes away life in an instance. We do not know if we will have a chance to first believe before dying. This is something completely beyond our control.

If you know this fact, would you then delay in accepting Christ? Do you know when and how you will die? Can you plan to do all that is necessary before that time? Do you know if you will wake up again when you next sleep? Do you know if there will be a tomorrow for you? We know none of this. Only God knows.

What we do know is that we have the time now. We know we have the opportunity to come to believe in the gospel this very moment. Not later, not tomorrow but now. If you neglect this opportunity, you cannot be certain if there will be another. So why wait? Do not be as the rich fool who thinks he knows he will have a future. In the busyness of planning and preparing for his prosperous future, he neglected his soul. When he died, it was too late for his soul to be saved. Once death comes, the door or opportunity to believe will be gone. Then it closes and a person’s fate is sealed and cannot be changed. Don’t be like the certain rich man who “fared sumptuously” but ended up in hell and found that out (Luke 16:19-31). It is a decision of eternal consequence. Accept now!

Thought: What if I missed my last opportunity to be saved?
Prayer: Lord, I want to believe, help me to believe now.