John 3:17
Memorise John 3:17
“…the world through him might be saved.”

Believers sometimes get anxious when they are unable to adequately explain to their unbelieving friends how God could be so “unreasonable” to condemn those who have never heard the Gospel. Unbelievers also sometimes use this as an excuse that they would not want to believe in an “unreasonable” God. Is God being unreasonable? 

Romans 1:20-25 explains that because of sin, the natural man is unable to know God in spite of creation pointing to the existence of an all-powerful Creator. Instead of seeking Him, they indulge in idolatrous practices. God’s Word says that they are without excuse. Furthermore, even a person who has never heard the Gospel has some knowledge of right and wrong; he feels offended when someone cheats, lies or steals at his expense even if he does not know God. Yet he too is guilty of committing those very sins against others at one time or another. Honest self-examination would inevitably lead to the fact that he is guilty of doing what is wrong in spite of knowing what is right. Everyone is accountable to God for wrongdoing whether or not they have ever heard of the Gospel. This is what Jesus was explaining when he told Nicodemus that “this is the condemnation, that men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil”(John 3:19). Without Jesus, the whole world is in a state of condemnation already, because of their own sin and their rejection of God. Since everyone is already in a state of condemnation, God could not have sent Jesus to the world to condemn them but rather, to save them. This is an act of grace and mercy on God’s part.

Dear teen, the fact is that most people would look for any excuse for not believing in the Gospel. They are not actually concerned that people who have never heard the Gospel could be condemned. What is important is how they personally respond to the Gospel once they have heard it. Then, after believing, the next important thing is not only to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Christ, but also to witness and preach Christ to the lost around you for they need to hear the gospel and be saved.

Thought: If ignorance is bliss we would be doing the world a great disservice by evangelizing to them, and Christ would have died in vain.
Prayer: May Your Spirit, O Lord, move the hearts of sinners to believe in the Gospel unto salvation.