Romans 9:14-23
Memorise Romans 9:16
“So then it is …God that sheweth mercy.”

God is sovereign and shows favour and mercy to whosoever He pleases. He has the authority to do so and this is the way He deals with man in all matters, including that of salvation. Some people may find this hard to accept and feel that God is unfair to exclude others while choosing some to be saved.

The way to dispel this misconception is firstly to realize that as sinners, none of us deserve anything but God’s judgment. Secondly, we must understand that all of us were already under condemnation and on the way to hell if it were not for God’s intervention (John 3:18).

If you had some spare change and chose to give it all to a starving beggar, none of the other starving beggars would have the right to ask why you had given money to one and not the others simply because the money belonged to you. You do as you please with it. This is the same with election. God does as He pleases, and no one can accuse Him of being unfair.

To get the right answer, one has to ask the right question. So often we ask for fairness when what we really need is mercy. You may have observed that some self-professing Christians behave terribly and wonder how they could possibly be saved. Conversely, you may have known wonderful people who are not believers, and wonder how they could possibly not be saved. We should remember 4 things:
1. God makes no mistakes.
2. We cannot tell if someone will eventually accept Christ in the last few moments of his life.
3. People are saved because of God’s mercy and not because of their own goodness.
4. God’s standard for salvation is not goodness but sinless perfection which Christ has already achieved on the believer’s behalf.

Thought: It is God’s amazing mercy and grace indeed that even one sinner’s soul is saved.
Prayer: O Lord, You are the Potter who does as You please with Your clay. Help me to trust that You are perfect in all that You do.