APRIL 18, 2 Samuel 18:5-15

David had spoiled his son Absalom who grew up to be proud, covetous, and as we have read on 14th April, an evil man who was ready to kill his father! We read today of the battle scene, but we see again the love of David for his son as he told his generals to spare Absalom’s life. In the midst of the battle, Absalom, riding on a mule, met a body of David’s men; and perhaps, while trying to escape them he was caught by his hair in the branches of an oak tree. He had thick and magnificent hair, the source of pride in the past, now the cause of his problem. Eventually, Joab and his men made him a target and killed him. Thus Absalom, a murderer of his brother (Amnon) and conspirator (against his own father David) died.

Absalom was a spoilt child. 18 04 2019Although his name was a good one – it meant either “father of peace” or “peace  of a father” – he brought no peace to the father and the land. Your parents love you a lot and would have given you a meaningful name. Whatever your name is, do you live up to the expectations of your parents? Or are you a spoilt child? Do you always need to have what you want? Do you throw tantrums if mum or dad restricts you or your activities?

If you are a spoilt child, your parents may regret the way they bring you up. I pray you are not spoilt and that you will bring honour and not regret to your parents.


 Thought: May I not be a spoilt child.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to be a good child and to bring joy and honour to my parents, not regret and pain. Heavenly Father, it is not easy as my nature can be unwilling, so please help me to always turn to Thee for help. This I ask in Jesus’ name, Amen.