Hebrews 6:9-20
Psalm 33:9-12
“The counsel of the LORD standeth for ever,
the thoughts of his heart to all generations.”
God’s unchanging character is the assurance that all His promises will be fulfilled. “He is for ever the same in His divine being and perfections and also in His purposes and promises” (Berkhof).
Here are some examples of God’s promises. He made the first formal promise to Abraham. This was a covenant which was to be fulfilled through many generations. The patriarch himself did not live to see the full fulfilment of that promise. He endured patiently and only a fraction of it was fulfilled in his lifetime. The Lord confirmed it with an oath and Abraham was assured that God would bring it to pass.
Abraham died with the hope of the fulfilment of the covenant through his son Isaac. The Lord confirmed the same covenant through Isaac. It was in the house of Jacob (the son of Isaac) that the greater fulfilment was witnessed. Jacob went with his family of twelve sons to Egypt and after four hundred years it had a population large enough to form a nation. God brought them out of Egypt and settled them in the land of Canaan. The nation was called Israel, after Jacob’s name. The promise was partly fulfilled but more was to come.
God does not change and it is impossible for Him to lie. This gives a strong consolation for the hope set before the believers. This hope is an anchor of the soul steadfast and sure. Jesus Christ is the ultimate reward. The fulfilment began with the blessing of Jacob to his son Judah that the sceptre would not depart from his house. Many prophecies followed. Thus when the fullness of time was come, God sent forth His Son born of a woman, as is stated in Galatians 4:4. Jesus was born of Mary. God is faithful.
THOUGHT: “… Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief ” (1 Tim 1:15).
PRAYER: Father, help me to never doubt Thy promises.