MAR 10

Mark 2:17
Memorise Mark 2:17b
"...I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."

Tainted by sin, man can never save himself out of his own fallen state, so God in His mercy had to intervene and send the Lord Jesus to the world to save sinners. Sinners do not repent because they do not see a need to do so. Judging themselves by the standards of the world, they pat themselves on the back and comfort themselves by thinking that they do not deserve condemnation because they are “better” than the crooks, thieves or criminals that are locked up behind bars.

However, this is flawed thinking as it is God who decides who deserves to go to heaven or hell. It is therefore God’s standards by which we must abide and not that of the world. The Bible says that besides Jesus no man is good enough for heaven, but those who hear this do not accept it because they are unable to examine themselves with complete honesty on account of their own sinful minds unless the Holy Spirit opens their eyes.

This was the problem that the scribes and Pharisees had in Jesus’ day. What Jesus said in Mark 2:17 indicated that He would not have come to deliver the world from sin if man was capable of being righteous on their own, but this was lost on the self-righteous scribes and Pharisees who thought too highly of themselves to repent. Not wanting to repent, therefore, is evidence that a person is not saved.

Whenever a child of God commits sin, he should become so acutely aware of what he has done that he will repent and pray for God’s forgiveness as soon as possible. This is because sin comes in between his relationship with the God he so loves. Only a person who does not know Jesus would feel no need to be forgiven for sinning, as the love of God is absent from his heart. Do you repent and seek God’s forgiveness with urgency whenever you have sinned?

Thought: We sin even as believers because of our sin nature. How wonderful it would be to finally have our sinless glorified bodies!
Prayer: Heavenly Father, I yearn for the soon return of Thy Son when we shall all be transformed, never to sin again!