MAR 14

Galatians 3:24
Memorise Romans 6:14
"But after that faith is come... we are no longer under a schoolmaster."

“If following God’s law does not save us, then why do we bother?” one may ask. God’s Word is clear that the law cannot save (Romans 3:20). The heart of man is evil, no one is able to keep the law perfectly (Romans 3:23). Another question that may follow is, “What if there was no law, would there still be sin? Is it not because of the law that sin exists?”

Paul addressed this exact question in Romans 7:7. “God forbid” was his answer. Sin exists with or without the law. Instead, the law made sin known to us. Because the law says “Thou shalt not covet”, we are able to recognize it when we ourselves covet. Galatians 3:24 tells us that the law is our schoolmaster, our teacher to bring us to Christ. The law shows us our sins and hence our need for the Saviour (Romans 3:20). The law points out our faults and we cannot escape from the guilt. Because of the law, you and I are able to recognize that we are sinners.

If this is true, what must we do? If you see that you are truly a sinner according to the law of God, what is the consequence of that? Romans 1:32 is clear that as sinners, death awaits us. That is the fair and deserved judgment for sin. But God is merciful. Despite man’s unwillingness to keep the law, God reached out to man, and by grace, save man from their sins (Romans 6:14). He achieved this by placing the judgment of our sins onto Christ Himself. Instead of you and I who rightfully deserve eternal damnation, Christ became the sacrifice for us by bearing the punishment of our sins. He died, the just for the unjust (1 Peter 3:18).

Therefore, dear teen, the law cannot save you. Instead the more we know the law, the more we realize that we cannot keep it perfectly. It thus leads us to recognize our sin, but then also leads us to see our need for the Saviour. It also helps us to appreciate the great value of Christ’s perfect obedience on our behalf, for He fulfilled the law perfectly, in order that we can have righteousness through Him.

Thought: The Law tells us that we are sinners.
Prayer: God, help me to recognize that I am a sinner.