MAR 27

John 10:27-29
Memorise John 10:2
“…I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish.”

Yesterday we dealt with the sin nature that is still in us. So we continue to sin, though we should always repent, and be “transformed by the renewing” of our mind, so that we sin less and less as we mature in the faith, as we know God better day by day, and love Him more and more. However, you may wonder sometimes, especially when we sin, whether you can lose your salvation. The bible’s answer is very clear: NO! There are many reassuring passages in the bible to convince us of this. One of these is from John 10:27-28, telling us clearly that true believers can never lose their salvation, for we are safe and secure in the hands of God.

So, first, you must know that you are saved. Ask yourself – are you His sheep? If you are His sheep, you will hear His voice, and you will follow Him. Then – how do you know your salvation is secure? Jesus says, “I give unto them eternal life” – so the security comes from Jesus! He is the one who created the heaven and the earth. He is the one who gives us eternal life! Our security (eternal life) comes from Him, not by our own works! Meditate upon the verse and you will realize how secure the children of God are. There is the promise of eternal life. Then we are told we will never perish. The reason is that we are in the hands of Christ. To be in the hands of Christ is safe enough. But see the Father’s hand over the hand of Jesus. You are now inside two hands. No man is able to pluck us out of the Father’s hand, who is God Almighty. What security!

Dear reader, let us joyfully rest on these blessed words. Let us be joyful that our heavenly Father loves us so much and He will see us safely home to heaven. As the elect of God, it does not depend on us to struggle to live a holy life to earn our salvation. No. The elect of God will never lose their salvation because it is God who preserve us to the very end. God’s special providential preservation of His people will cause them to persevere in their faith to the very end. A person who is truly born again will reach heaven one day because God always keeps His promises and He never fails. Be the joyful Christian who no longer worries whether he is truly saved, who no longer worries whether he will lose his salvation. Give Him praise day after day for this free and unchangeable love of God that will keep us safe to the very end.

Thought: Once saved, always saved. What a glorious assurance!
Prayer: Lord, thank You for your great salvation, and the assurance of the “perseverance of the saints”.