SEPTEMBER 12, Isaiah 13:1-8 


The God of Israel is also the God of all nations. God pronounces judgment on the nations around Israel, starting with Babylon. These announcements of doom are meant to console the hearts of the righteous in Judah so that they might set their hope in God, the ruler over the earth.


God would use the Medes, the “mighty ones for mine anger” (v.17) to conquer Babylon. At the time when Isaiah uttered this message of doom against Babylon, she was a vassal (nation weaker than and paying tributes to a stronger nation) of Assyria, being controlled by the kings of Nineveh. Later, Assyria became weak and was conquered by Babylon. Babylon lasted for 70 years. It was a mighty empire, a proud empire, but great was its fall when it was conquered. As in any war, there was great destruction, fear and trembling as the enemies entered their gates.


Our great God is sovereign over all nations. Let us rejoice that our loving Father is in control of all things which happen to us. No matter how powerful empires and their rulers are in their time, they fall. Past empires include those we have mentioned – where are they in the ranking of world powers? They are but a sad reflection of a glorious past.

Draw an arrow from Medes/Elam to Babylon to show that Babylon was conquered by them seventy years later.


Thought: The rise and fall of empires are in the hands of God.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help us to remember all men are but dust, and that only You are the real sovereign over all. us, I want to be obedient and faithful to You. This I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.