SEPTEMBER 14, Isaiah 14:28-32 


Here, Isaiah is referring to the land of Philistines and warned them not to rejoice although “the rod of him that smote thee” which is the Assyrian king, is dead. A worse one would arise, “a cockatrice”. Philistia was doomed but Zion, by God’s appointment, shall stand.


You may not be aware but the Middle East today can be a volatile and dangerous area. Why is this so? Primarily because of the years of distrust and wars between Israel and her neighbours.


Today, when you read of Palestine, it refers to the lands around Israel which, during the First World War (1914 – 1918), under British rule, were populated by the Arabs. When the Jews returned to their homeland and became a nation in 1948, Palestine ceased to be used as a national name. It was changed to Israel. But the Arabs, now homeless because of the incoming Jews, clung to the name Palestine. They claim they are Palestinians, sons of the soil. Their mission is to liberate their country from the Jews. Hence, the unending war between the Israelis and the Palestinians.


Do you now understand the historical roots of the trouble in Israel?

14 09 2019 

When do you think the fighting began between the Arabs and the Jews? _______________


Thought: God will end all wars on earth one day.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, no matter what world leaders do, they cannot achieve what only You can. I am so glad I have so great a Saviour and I pray I will always remain faithful. Please help me Lord, for this I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.