JUN 15

Romans 6:6-11
Memorise Romans 6:11
“Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace”

Gnostics are people who believe that anything in the material world or that which relate to the flesh are imperfect and even evil. On a lesser extreme, but no less unbiblical, are the monks and nuns that exist among various religions. They believe that by living a life of abstinence and asceticism one can be more spiritual. Therefore, they withdraw from the world and anything that is perceived to be materialistic is “evil”. Romans 6:6 can be misinterpreted without understanding the context, and taken to describe the body as sinful and evil. Some may even conclude that while we are in the body, we cannot help but sin. This is of course not true. Reading on in Romans 6 we can understand this better. Upon conversion, the Holy Spirit works a miraculous work in us. We become dead to sin. What this means is that sin no longer has a stranglehold over us. We are no longer under its control. We have the ability to resist sin through the working of the Holy Spirit within us. Not only that, we now have a renewed ability to live lives pleasing unto God (v. 11).

As believers we definitely have the ability to resist sin. Although the needs and wants of the body can be a source of temptation, God has given us the power to overcome these temptations of the flesh. Our mortal body, despite its weaknesses and frailties, can be fashioned to honour and glorify God. We can learn to be moderate in our lifestyles and not live in excess (Philippians 4:5). Over-indulging in things of the flesh does not help the spirit. Instead, it makes our souls weak and less able to resist temptation. Instead, being vigilant and sober in our study and practice of God’s Words will build up the soul. When we sin, we only have ourselves to blame, and we must be ready to take responsibility for our actions. We cannot keep trying to shift the blame away, and think that we are guiltless. We must all humble ourselves and admit that we are sinners who deserve the judgment of God, and that it is only by the grace and mercy of God that He has saved us and made us fit for heaven.

Thought: Which is preferred, a new movie or the study of God’s Word?
Prayer: Lord, please help me to enjoy the things that Thou has given in a manner that glorifies Thee.