AUGUST 15, 1 Samuel 12:4

Kim Pong stared at a painting in an art store window. It was a picture of two hands clasped in prayer. “Why would an artist paint hands, Mom?” he asked. “I think there are many more interesting things to paint.” Mom smiled. “That’s a well-known painting,” she said. “I recently read an article about it. The artist’s name is Albert Durer, and the hands are those of someone very special to him. Not everyone agrees on whose hands they are, but this article said they’re his brother’s.”

“Why didn’t he paint his brother’s face instead of his hands?” asked Kim Pong. “What’s the story?”

“According to the article, Albert Durer was born into a very poor family. Both he and his brother dreamed of becoming artists, and they made a pact-one would study art while the other worked to support him. Then they would trade places, and the other would study art. They tossed a coin to see who would study first, and Albert won. His brother worked hard-probably in the mines-while Albert studied. By the time Albert finished his studies, he was already becoming well-known.”

“Cool!” said Kim Pong. “Did his brother get to be a good artist, too?” Mom shook her head. “His fingers had been injured often as he worked,” she said. “They were stiff and rough, and he was suffering from arthritis in his right hand. To Albert, those sacrificial hands were beautiful, and he lovingly painted them to pay homage to his brother.”

“Wow! I hope he helped his brother in lots of other ways, too!” exclaimed Kim Pong. “After all, his brother really sacrificed his own dream by supporting him.”

“Yes,” agreed Mom. After a moment she added, “I’m thinking of some other hands-hands of Someone Who made an even greater sacrifice, and it was for us.”

“You mean Jesus, don’t you?” asked Kim Pong. Mom nodded. “He gave His life for us. He actually bore our sin for us so that we could have our sins forgiven,” she said. “His hands bear the print of the nails that held Him to the cross. Surely we should do all we can to honor Him.”

Thought: Are you willing to do anything for Jesus? Will you tell others about Him? Have you?
Prayer: Gracious Father in heaven, for all that Jesus has done for me, I pray I’ll be able to do something for Him, for it is in His name that I pray, amen.