AUGUST 17, 2 Peter 3:18

Amanda held a ruler at the top of Jessica’s head. “Hold still,” she ordered as Jessica stretched up and leaned against the growth chart. “Almost 1.4 metres,” announced Amanda, drawing a line on the chart. “Your turn. Take off your shoes!” demanded Jessica. Amanda giggled and removed her shoes. She stood with her back against the chart. “1.5 metres,” said Jessica, and she marked the chart with Amanda’s height.

Grandma smiled as she watched the girls. “You two have really grown a lot this year,” she said. “The verse at the top of the chart says, ‘Grow in grace,’” observed Jessica. “What does that mean?” “Well, just like your body grows each year, you should grow to be more like Jesus,” explained Grandma. “Have you measured that growth lately?”

“We can’t measure how much we grow to be like Jesus, can we?” asked Amanda. “Not in inches or centimetres,” agreed Grandma, “but we can tell a little bit about our growth by changes in the way we behave.” She smiled. “Would you like to make a spiritual growth chart?”

“Okay,” said Amanda, “but how do we do that?” “First, think of things you shouldn’t do,” suggested Grandma. “What would some of those be?” “Being unkind,” said Jessica. “Telling lies.” “Not being helpful,” added Amanda, “or talking back to Mom and Dad.”

“Okay,” said Grandma, “and what are some things you should do?” Amanda spoke first this time. “Obey our parents and teachers and do chores without complaining.” Jessica nodded. “Do homework the first time we’re told. And… how about reading the Bible?”

“Good,” said Grandma. “Let’s get some poster board, and you can make columns for these things and others that you think of. Make other columns to record how well you do each week. Ask God to help you become more like Him as you depend on His power to do that. Then check your chart with your improvements to help you see how much you ‘have grown’ in a month’s time.”

Thought: Can you see differences in the way you used to act, and the way you act now?
Prayer: Heavenly Father, as I grow physically, may I also grow spiritually and become more and more Christ-like. Help me to make changes when I learn new things from Your Holy Word – for this I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.