MAY 24

Psalm 138:1-2
Memorise John 17:17
“Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.”

God’s Word is central to proper Christian worship. So important is God’s Word in worship that everything that is done during worship must be consistent with Biblical instruction, and nothing must be done outside of this. This refers to both personal worship as well as corporate worship which includes worship service on the Sabbath day. Worship service consists of various activities such as the singing of hymns and spiritual songs, the giving of tithes, prayer, the faithful exposition of God’s Word and perhaps other special items during certain occasions. Some of us may enjoy certain parts of the service more than others, but there must be earnest participation in every aspect of the worship service and not just one or a few parts of it in order to make our worship complete.

Those of us who are more musically inclined may be tempted to pay more attention only when there is singing involved. Likewise, those of us who enjoy hearing messages may only give our undivided attention when the pastor delivers the sermon. However, every component of worship is equally important, and everything done during worship must praise and glorify God. It therefore follows that we are to be fervently involved throughout every part of the worship service from beginning to end. When we say that God’s Word is central to proper worship, it does not mean that the sermon is the most important, and we can pay less attention to the other parts of the worship.

Done rightly, every part of the worship service ought to magnify God and His Word, for we do all things according to God’s written revelation to us. The prayers that we pray and the hymns that we sing all take root from our understanding of Scripture. That is why when David ponders on the topic of worship, he praises God for His truth, and proclaims that God has magnified His word above even His name! What the Psalmist means here is God’s revelations to man ought to be so highly esteemed, for it is able to teach and guide man, even more than the revelation of God’s name to us can.

Thought: If I truly love God, I must do as He commands through His Word, even in matters of worship.
Prayer: Grant me the grace, O Lord, to live by Thy every word.