NOVEMBER 9, Matthew 28:20


Megan, I’d like you to put Matt down for his nap today,” said Mom. “I need to make an important phone call.”

“Okay,” agreed Megan, smiling at her little brother. “Nap time!” she announced to the energetic little boy. Laughing, Matt toddled away, wanting his sister to chase him. Megan caught him quickly. “Sleeping time, boy boy,” she said, taking him to his crib. She laid him down, and raised the side of the crib.

“Sweet dreams,” she whispered, backing out of the room. “Blankee!” Matt protested. “Blankee!” He pulled himself up and began to shake the railing. Megan frowned. “Where did he leave his blanket?” she wondered. She checked the hall. She dug through the toy box. She searched the room closet. She looked under the dining room table and on the chair  seats. Finally, she found the blanket in a lower cupboard in the kitchen. As soon as Megan handed Matt his blanket, he stopped crying. He clutched the blanket in his arms and dropped to the mattress. After a few shaky breaths, he smiled contentedly at Megan. “Sweet dreams,” she said again as she left.

“Matt had to have his ‘blankee’ before he’d go to sleep,” Megan told her mother later. “Good thing I found it, or he never would have settled down.”

“That blanket is his security,” said Mom with a smile. “I guess we all need security, even grown-ups! We need to feel comfortable and cared for and safe. What’s your security, Megan?”

“My security?” asked Megan in surprise. She shrugged. “You, I guess,” she decided. “I know you’re here to help me if I need you.” She grinned and added, “You’re my ‘blankee’. What’s yours?” Mom smiled. “Well, we all find some security in family and friends, but a Christian’s real security is in God and in His love and forgiveness,” she said. “He cares for us and He’s always available. We’re safe in His plan for us, even when we go through difficult times.”

Megan nodded thoughtfully. “He’s better than a blanket any day,” she agreed.


Thought: Do you have a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or toy that comforts you? Is there an adult who is special to you-one you can count on to care for you and help you? It’s great to know someone like that, but even parents can’t be with you all the time. Only God can.

Prayer: Thank you Heavenly Father that you are the best security I can ever have for You are always with me! In Jesus’ name I pray – amen.