1 John 2:3-7
Psalm 119:17-24
“Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold
wondrous things out of thy law.”
God’s commandment is always the same. It is the light. The Apostle stressed this subject because it is the only direction to follow. Obedience comes with blessings based on the promises of God. The darkness is past and true light shines. John pointed to the importance of brotherly love saying that he who hates his brother lives in darkness.
The kind of speech and exhortations given in Scripture are not like the laws enforced by the secular police. The believer is expected to understand the law and willingly obey. He is not forced to love his brother, but the absence of it brings very negative consequences. John addressed this because he wanted new believers to bear a testimony for Christ. He wanted to make everyone in the fellowship feel welcomed and see the transformation that comes with new life in Christ. Love for others is also a proof that one has God’s love in him and that he is saved.
Obeying God’s commandments builds brotherly love and there is no occasion for stumbling. The second table of the Ten Commandments shows how we are to love our brethren. It is true that no one can keep the commandments of God perfectly. But all have sinned in transgressing them, and in this all are deprived of the blessings of God. The Lord however is gracious and readily welcomes those who repent. There is forgiveness of sins in the name of Christ.
The giving of the Law of God through Moses was esteemed as the greatest event in human history up till that time. The Lord Himself spoke of the superiority of that Law. He told Israel that there was no nation that had such laws as they had. Though circumstances had changed by the time of the Apostles, the basics of the Law of God does not change. It is imperative that man obeys them.
THOUGHT: “All may change but Jesus never, glory to His Name.”
PRAYER: Keep me faithful to Thy law, O Lord.