JUL 20

1 Samuel 12:20-25
Memorise Psalm 126:3
“The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.”

On a somewhat related note to yesterday’s devotion, today we ask, why should we place God first in our lives? This questions the very core of our motivation in having God as our God, and having no other gods before Him. In a sense we ask, what makes God so special that we should serve Him exclusively?

The answer comes in Samuel’s simple exhortation to the people of Israel. He warned them that they should turn aside from going after their vain things, but instead turn back to serve the Lord. He called on them to seriously “consider how great things He hath done for you”. He implored them to take a walk down memory lane, and remember how the Lord had personally delivered them out of Egypt, brought them into the Promised Land, and gave them everything that they had. They were a nation that was personally crafted by God, and thus they owed Him everything that they had. They demanded for a king, indicating that they were rejecting the theocratic rule of God, and instead wanted to be like the surrounding heathen nations who had monarchs. Therefore Samuel had to rebuke them, and provoke them to look back to the Lord in gratitude.

For us, this is something that we must stop to ask ourselves as well. This should be in our minds daily, prompting us to realize really how much God has done for us, and that in turn, we should fear Him and serve Him with all our hearts! If we consider all that we are, and all that we have, we cannot help but acknowledge that it is all from God. He gave us this life that we have; He chose us, granted us faith to believe in Him; He gave us a new life in Christ, placed the Holy Spirit within us and gave us the assurance of eternal life. All these were done by God, and there is nothing that we have done that we can claim credit for. In return, all God asks is that we glorify Him in our life on this earth. If we really do understand and consider how great things He has done for us, then our natural response would be to fear Him, desire to serve Him with all our hearts, and to give Him first place in our lives!

Thought: God has done so much for me! What have I done in return?
Prayer: Lord, help me to remember what You have done for me, and respond with a sincere heart of gratitude, and to want to walk in Your ways.