Ephesians 6:10-17
Joshua 24:14-16
“Now therefore fear the LORD, and
serve him in sincerity and in truth …”
Paul was good in the use of figures of speech. Students of the Bible also learn that illustration is one form of effective speech. Here the Apostle painted the picture of a Roman soldier and drew a spiritual lesson from it. Paul was about to conclude his epistle and he wanted his readers to stand in the faith. When he bid farewell to the elders at Miletus, he told them that grievous wolves would enter in among them and would not spare the flock (Acts 20:29). He was aware of such dangers when he wrote those words.
The example of a soldier is an effective object lesson. Such soldiers would be fully armed and would not fail in their duty. He mentioned each piece of armour and its spiritual equivalent. A soldier of the cross must be fully armed to stand against the wiles of the devil. Paul also specifically indicated that our warfare is not of flesh and blood, but ours are spiritual enemies. When believers put on this armour, they will be able to stand and withstand in the evil day.
The first piece of armour is a belt. It was used to fasten the clothes and to hold the sword. This is compared with the truth. True doctrine and true obedience are thus described. The second piece is the breastplate which represents righteousness, a required character of the believer. The third piece is shoes for firm footing (in those days they wore sandals). These represent the gospel of peace, which should not depart from a Christian’s life. The fourth is the shield, representing faith that will protect the believer from the attacks of the evil one. The helmet is the fifth piece which represents salvation that comes upon accepting Christ as Lord and Saviour. The last one is the sword, which is compared with the Word of God. The Apostle urged his readers to be thus armed. This armour is also needful today.
THOUGHT: A faithful soldier of Christ is ready whenever Christ calls.
PRAYER: Lord, give me victory over all the enemies of the gospel.