DECEMBER 7, Genesis 2:5-6

Some say the largest and most beautiful garden in the world is a place called “Keukenhof ” in Holland. Also known as the Garden of Europe, this place specialises in Holland’s national flower, the tulip. Up to 7 million flowers can bloom there at the same time!

Gardens are a source of delight and comfort. In Singapore, we have the Botanic Gardens. In recent years, many useful and beautiful renovations have been made to it and it is thus not surprising the Botanic Gardens is a favourite destination for many. However, no matter how beautiful these gardens are, none would be able to compare with the Garden of Eden. If gardens are such wonderful places for all to rest and relax, then what a delight the first garden that the Lord God created must have been. First, the biblical record tells us that instead of rain, there was a mist that covered the earth. There would be no rainstorm or drought. Instead, the gentle mist enveloped the earth and made for cool temperature throughout the earth, day and night.

Adam was the first gardener in Eden. Appointed by God to keep the garden beautiful and green, he must have loved the job! In hot and humid Singapore, air-conditioners are popular. In the garden of Eden, it was natural air-conditioning all the way! Whatever your favourite fruit is, you could find it there! However, the earth of today has changed so much as mankind has abused the earth in so many ways.

Giving Eden’s paradise to Adam, God gave of His best. Be thankful for the good things God has given. Perhaps when you next see a beautiful garden, recall the goodness of God and how He has been so generous with His gifts.

Thought: Thank the Lord, the generous Giver.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I thank You for the beauty of the gifts You give. May I learn to be more appreciative of things and in doing so, remember that You are the Giver of eternal life as well, for that is the most precious gift I can ever have. This I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.