DECEMBER 14, Genesis 4:1-5

In the history of our first parents, the first birth must have been an event of great joy. Cain, the first-born, was after all the first baby in the world! When both children were born, the parents must have felt much tenderness, responsibility and joy. Eve showed her faith when she said, after bearing Cain, “I have gotten a man from the Lord!”


Adam and Eve were acquainted with God and must have nurtured and trained the two boys in the ways of the Lord. God had also graciously made them acquainted with the way of salvation by His Son, and with the only way of worshipping him acceptably and with godly fear. They must have also taught them that the Almighty God would only accept sin offerings of animals.


However, in disobedience, Cain brought of the fruit of the ground as offerings to the Lord. His brother, Abel, on the other hand brought of the firstlings of his flock and the Lord was pleased with Abel’s offerings. But to Cain and to his offering, God did not accept. God cannot accept a bloodless sacrifice, but unbelieving Cain did not obey God's divine instruction. Cain did not have a believing heart.


Which of these sentences describe what God wants most from us today.

1. to be a keeper of sheep

2. to bring offering to the Lord

3. to bring the best of our animals to the Lord


4. to have a heart that obeys Him



Thought: How precious is a believing heart.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, above all things, grant me a believing heart. It is not easy and people around me may laugh, but Heavenly Father, please give me strength to press on in my faith in You. This is my prayer in Jesus’ name, amen.