DECEMBER 15, Genesis 4:7-12

Cain was downcast when God did not accept his sacrifice. God was pleased with Abel’s offerings, but with Cain’s sacrifice, God’s disapproval was seen in its cold neglect.


Cain was greatly upset and jealous over God’s preference to his brother’s offering. Despite the Lord’s words to him that if he repented, he would also be accepted (verse 7), Cain chose to be filled with hatred for his brother. As we shall see, this hatred developed into the worst kind – murder.


While the brothers were in the field, Cain rose up and murdered his brother Abel. The first-born of the human race showed that he was so wicked and hardened. His brother Abel, whom he had once played with and loved, lay on the ground. Cain stood alone in the field. God’s eyes were upon him. Cain had done his evil work, and the voice of his brother’s blood cried to heaven from the ground.


Although the Lord showed him the way to repentance, he chose to reject it. Such is the way of the world today. Many may know about Jesus, many may have heard of the salvation story. But few want to pick up the cross and follow Jesus.


Sin, if not properly dealt with, will cause us to stray further from God and to sin even more. Is there some un-confessed sin in your life? Are you harbouring some wrong thoughts, or done some wrong action, or had some wrong ideas? Turn them all to Jesus, and He can wash you and cleanse.


Is it not sad that the first child of the world turned out to be a murderer? Is it not sad that the first siblings in the world turned out to be enemies? Is it not sad the effect of sin has stained mankind?


Thought: May I not be stained with sin.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to deal with sin in my life.. When I sin, help me to confess and seek Your forgiveness. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.