DECEMBER 16, Genesis 5:21-24 


Genesis chapter 5 is a record of the family tree of Adam. Notice that all the patriarchs before the flood lived to a ripe old age; this is not possible today. Why so? Because the wonderful environment God gave then was conducive to longevity. Before the global flood, the world had never experienced rain. There was enough moisture in the atmosphere for plants and trees. That is why it was so difficult for so many in the time of Noah to believe there would be a global flood because there had never been any rain at all.


Enoch was 65 years when he begat Methuselah. Imagine – a new father when a man is 65! How old was your father when he became a dad for the first time? Likely in his 20s or 30s. But in those days, people lived much longer and perhaps a man about 65 years old is like a young man today!


Then it was recorded that Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah. The phrase “To walk with God” is to have close communion with Him and to be under His watchful eye. It is to make God’s word our guide in life, and His glory our goal in all our actions. Enoch continued to walk faithfully with God for three hundred years and suddenly we read that God took him! He was gloriously removed to a better world. He was translated that he should not see death, and was not found. His excellent piety was crowned with exceeding great and precious honours.


Do you “walk with God” like Enoch? Do you talk to Him everyday? Do you love to read His word and put into practice what Scriptures teach?


Thought: May I walk closely with God everyday.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, may I joyously walk with Thee and talk with Thee day by day. Teach me to enjoy close fellowship with Thee, this I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.