DECEMBER 17, Genesis 6:1-7 


As we trace the family tree of Adam down the centuries to Noah, we notice that there was a degeneration of mankind as it grew more and more sinful. The fallen angels (“sons of God”) possessed man and intermarried with daughters of men. They in turn gave birth to mighty men who brought about the violence and great wickedness in the world.


After giving ample warning, God, as a just judge, will mete out punishment on the unrepentant. In the days of Noah, God warned the people (through Noah) about the coming judgement. But, the people chose to turn a deaf ear; after many years of warning, God finally sent the flood.


What happens when man is determined to disobey God? 


1) Men will seek God more

2) Men do not understand spiritual things

3) Men pray and read the Bible more

4) Men will become more wicked


Thought: Are you obedient to God?


Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to obey You more and more each day and shun sin. This I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.