DEC 10

Luke 9:57-62
Memorise Luke 14:27
“…for Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world”

Serving the Lord is never meant to be a bed of roses. Christ said in Luke 9:58 even the foxes and birds are better off than Christ Himself when it comes to finding rest and comfort in this world. The Master Himself suffered, what more His servants? Christ was not giving His disciples, and us today, any delusions about the nature of serving God. It will not be easy and often times require sacrifice. Christ makes no apologies, and in fact, he admonishes and warns us against entering into service lightly. The question then beckons, why does one want to serve God in the first place? The role of the servant was exemplified by Christ Himself (Philippians 2:7-8). This was something Christ chose willingly so that the price of sin could be paid (Matthew 20:28). Paul called himself a servant of Christ at the start of many of his epistles. 2 Corinthians 4:5 even speaks of Paul being willing to be the servant of man for Christ’s sake. There is no doubt that we are saved to serve.

God calls Christians to be servants and Christ was the best example of this. So, yes, this is commanded of God. Does it mean that we are to serve God because we have no choice? Are we so ungrateful as to ask such a question? Knowing we owe Christ everything good that we have in this world and much more in the world to come, can our reply be “I have no time”? If God calls you to help in the YF, or to usher new comers, or serve in the kitchen, will you say “no”? Are our hearts so cold that we have forgotten to be grateful? Have we forgotten that we were once bound for eternal hell but Christ gave up heaven’s glories to bare the cross in pain and agony so that we can be saved? Because of Him, we have hope in eternal glory alongside with Him as the sons of God. If we remember what Christ has done for us, serving Him will be our joy. If we understand the work of Christ, sacrificing all of ourselves is only a reasonable service (Romans 12:1). God considers us worthy to serve Him because of Christ and it would be nothing short of a privilege and honour on its own. It is because of this that Christ says the servant who is unwilling to serve, is not fit for the kingdom of heaven. The true Christian, will be grateful to serve.

Thought: Have you forgotten what Christ has done for you?
Prayer: Father, help me never to forget what great a salvation You have wrought for me.